Viva Bene Gourmet



Erin Chenault, during her first year as an undergrad, discovered her love of cooking.  At 17, she realized that her palate yearned for something beyond the fast, or canned, food that was so common, and affordable, at that age. She became an avid reader of cookbooks, and gourmet magazines, as cooking shows were not readily accessible back then. As a self-supporting student, it may have taken weeks to save enough money to purchase a beautiful beef tenderloin, in order to test her skills. With fingers crossed, and through trial, and error, she found her passion. Erin took great joy in preparing meals to share with those she loved; and that has grown into a life-long pursuit.

After 20 years in the corporate world, and celebrating a couple of 'big birthdays', Erin decided that 'now is the time' to do what truly makes her happy, and to share that with others, in hopes it will do the same for them, in some small way.

Her philosophy is simple… The most important moments in life take place over a meal. Take those moments, revere them, and create a lifetime of happiness.

' That's how 'Viva Bene' got it's name… 'Live Well'!




At Viva Bene, customers are greeted warmly, and with sincerity. When visiting the store, expect to hear 'Make yourself at home' or 'Have fun; and just let us know how we can help you!'  The same sentiment is true when you call us, to get ideas for gourmet gifts, wine and cheese pairings, etc. Viva Bene is the place to enjoy impeccable fine foods and wines, where quality is never compromised, while being welcomed with 'southern hospitality'!  (Owner, Erin Chenault, is a Native Texan, after all!)

This is where you can expand your palate, or create that perfect gift, and never feel uncomfortable asking questions. For instance…'What does charcuterie mean? And, by the way, how do you pronounce it?'

Viva Bene is about enjoyment and sharing. So please, do call or visit!