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Chianti by Il Grigio de San Felice

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Il Grigio Gran Selezione is sourced from five vineyards that were researched and replanted in the 1990s. The rigorous selection of grapes for the Gran Selezione includes Sangiovese from three of those vineyards, Chiesamonti, Colti, and Pianaccio. Additionally, the winery notes, the blend includes indigenous grape varieties, "Abrusco, Pugnitello, Malvasia nera, Ciliegiolo, and Mazzese, which grow in San Felice’s Vitiarium, a renowned collection inaugurated in the 1980 and now boasting over 200 forgotten varieties, were selected to enrich the Sangiovese of Grigio Gran Selezione. The result is a rich, superbly-structured wine marked by taut, elegant tannins and a broad array of complex fragrances, a wine that is the fullest expression of the terroir of San Felice.