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Quady Dry Vermouth

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This vermouth is mysteriously engaging, wine-like with a note of coolness and with an aroma described as like being in a forest after a rain. Some 15 different botanicals: mainly leaves, flowers, citrus rind, and seeds were used. Lavender, sage, alfalfa, and linden are important constituents. To retain the delicate complex flavors of the base wines and the botanicals, Vya was minimally processed, like other fine white wines.

  • As the ideal aperitif, Vya extra-dry vermouth is delicious to drink, straight or with ice.
  • In a martini, Vya extra-dry vermouth harmonizes beautifully with gin or vodka. By increasing the proportion of vermouth, more interesting and softer martinis are possible. You need to experiment with proportions.
  • As an ingredient in recipes, Vya extra-dry vermouth produces superior results. Try Vya for steaming shellfish, or in risotto.